Waterproof Document Holders

Waterproof Document Holders

Two models are offered, both of which float. Both are made of a hardwearing but flexible PVC material with fold-and-press -stud seals.

No Measures Document Size
151964 22x35cm up to 21x21cm.
151965 30x42cm

up to 29x32cm.


Brass Clinometer

Brass Clinometer

Made by the same factory who produce our brass clocks and barometers, this attractive instrument is made to the same high specification. The angle of heel is shown by a bubble in a curved spirit level. Measures 112mm diameter.

No. 113378 Brass Clinometer

Waist boxes

Waist boxes

Waterproof waistboxes contoured to fit snugly against waist or tummy.


No. 113312 Waist Box
No. 113313 Waist Box

Floating key rings

Floating key rings Reintroduced by popular demand, the soft foam "Banana" key ring is available in a random selection of colours.
No. 113383

Nautical mirrors

Nautical mirrors

Two beautiful mirrors, with brass frames; the porthole model measures 295mm overall diameter (195mm mirror dia.), while the anchor shaped model measures approx 315mm high by 270mm wide with a mirror dia of approx 130mm. The latter also incorporates a motto cast around the mirror : Smiling Makes You Beautiful.

No. 019328 Porthole Mirror.
No. 019329 Anchor Mirror.

Diver's Helmets

Diver's Helmets These beautiful reproduction divers helmets recall a bygone day, when a diver's equipment was almost more of a hinderance than a help. Three models are offered ranging from the small desktop or tabletop size up to the larger heavy duty size, suitable for larger rooms, pubs, restaurants etc. A giant size version 457mm high is also available to special order.
No. 113392 Small Helmet 191mm
No. 113393 Medium Helmet 216mm high
No. 113394 Large Helmet (Heavy) 305mm high

Cork key ring

Cork key ring. Large easy-to-find cork ball with strong cord attachment.
No. 112176

Floating key rings

Floating key rings Available in red and white with very good buoyancy and strong split ring attachment.
No. 151885


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