Outboard Motor Accessories

Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket

Adjustable outboard motor bracket with security stopper. Adjuststo 4 different positions for differing transom heights. Made of anodised aluminium with stainless steel spring, nuts and bolts. Varnished timber plate. Mounting bolts and instructions included.For motors up to 20hp and 45kg.
No. 132703.

Rail Mounted Outboard Bracket

Useful outboard storage bracket, easily mounts onto pushpit or pulpit rails, to save usable space on board.
No. 480567

Outboard Motor Bracket

Fixed height outboard bracket. Made of stainless steel and varnished wood. Complete with two stainless steel fasteners. Trim adjustable from 0Deg - 17Deg.
No. 480573 Up to 20hp.

Outboard Lock

A range of strong stainless steel pipes which slide over the motor's thumbscrews holding them locked. Complete with noncorroding brass locks.
No. 480581 Square stainless steel tube for smaller Evinrude, Mercury and Johnson outboards as well as many other makes. Length 32cms. Diameter 30mm. Thumbscrew accommodation 15mm.
No. 480582 Large Circular pipe for bigger outboards. Length 32cms. Diameter 40mm. Thumbscrew accommodation 15mm.

Fuel Tank Brackets

Brackets for fixing fuel tanks and batteries, battery boxes etc. Fastened with screws.

No. 151860 Brackets with Tie Down strap
No. 151900 Tie Down Strap only

Safety Tether Switches

These “Dead Man” switches are suitable for a variety of uses, including outboard engine cut-out function.
No. 018685 Red Cap Dead Man Switch makes the circuit when the cap is removed - for ignition systems which require the circuit to be shorted to earth for emergency cut out e.g. most outboards.
No. 018689 Grey Cap Dead Man Switch breaks the circuit when the cap is removed - for ignition systems requiring the circuit to be de-energised for emergency cut out e.g. most inboard petrol engines.

"Dead Man Switch" Cords

Coiled red cord for dead man switches. It can be attached to any of the "Dead Man" switch keys shown above and is connected at the other end to the helmsman.
No. 151744

Ignition Starter Switch

Made of brass and stainless steel, this is a three position switch which returns automatically to “ON” from “START”. Measures 73x40mm. Mounting barrell 21mm Dia.x 25mm Long

No. 018684 Ignition Starter Switch

Battery Boxes

These plastic battery boxes are resistant to spillages of petrol and acid. The small box measures 25 x 35 x 24cm, the big one 25 x 43 x 24cm. Strap included.
No. 151789 Small
No. 151788 Large

"Dead Man Switch" Keys

A range of plastic keys to suit Dead Man switches on most popular outboards.

No. Outboard No. Outboard
151989 Mercury/Mariner 151992 Honda/OMC
151990 Mariner 151993 OMC
151991 Tohatsu 151994 Yamaha