LVM Hi-Speed

The Hi-Speed is a unique high quality product for rapid inflation and deflation. It delivers 21cu.ft/air per minute at 2.6-3.0 PSI (approx. 594 litre) and will inflate a typical 4-man dinghy in 1-2 minutes. More than adequate for most purposes bigger boats may need slight top up manual or footpump to achieve maximum pressure. Exceptional performance in a compact (140cm x 10cm) inflator. Supplied with crocodile clips to connect to battery and selection of adapters to suit different valves.
No. 121901 LVM Hi Speed Inflator 12v

Bravo 12

Bravo 12 is a powerful and reliable 12v inflator with automatic pressure regulator. Designed specifically to inflate bigger boats to max. pressure is adjustable from 2.2 PSI up to a maximum of 4 PSI (300mBar). Delivering around 200 litres/minute, it will inflate a typical 4 metre boat in about 8 minutes. Automatically stops at selected pressure. Ideal also deflating, it is supplied with crocodile clips to connect to battery as well as spider multi valve adapter.
No. 024110 Bravo 12 Inflator 12v

Bravo Pressure Gauge

The Bravo pressure gauge is a versatile unit which can be adapted to suit a variety of valves as well as for mounting to the Bravo 6 Manual Pump. It is also available with an adapter for use on Bravo 250, Halkey Roberts and Zodiac semi-recessed valves. By modifying the adapter yourself, the gauge can be adapted to suit many other valve types.
No. 024132 Bravo Pressure Gauge 14PSI c/w adapter.
No. 024131 Bravo Pressure Gauge only

Zodiac Recess Valve Pressure Gauge

Original equipment pressure gauge for use in all Zodiac semi-recessed valves as fitted to Cadet, Fastrollers, Futuras, Touring, Cherokee RIBs , Yachtlines & Yachtline RIBs, Pro RIBs etc.
No. 543006