Bungs and Socketts

Skin Fittings

Skin Fittings

Excellent range of inexpensive plastic skin fittings, in black or white.

Black Thread Dia. Hose Int.Dia. White
151715 22mm 15mm 151920
151716 25mm 18mm 151921
151717 32mm 25mm 151922
151968 46mm 30mm 151967
151718 46mm 40mm 151923

Drain with Plug

Drain with Plug Chrome on brass base with threaded nylon bung, complete with retainer and seal ring.


No. 112045 Drain with plug.
No. 112046 Spare Bung for 112045

Drain Socket and Bung

Drain Socket and Bung For transom and buoyancy tank drains. Socket fits 7/8" dia. hole, and has oval shaped flange. Bung is locked by a half turn and has a retainer.
No. 462060
A black threaded version is available and comes complete with 'o' ring.
No. 462066

"Fletcher" Bung

"Fletcher" BungInexpensive plastic bung and socket, with circular flange. Available with either bayonet (half turn) or threaded plug. Commonly used on many leading
makes of small powerboats.

No. 012009 Threaded Bung & Socket
No. 012008 Bayonet Bung & Socket

Rubber drain bung.

Rubber drain bung. Versatile rubber drain bung. Commonly used on Mirror dinghies etc. 5/8" dia. tapering to 1/2". Can be shaved down to any size.
No. 462227
Rubber bung complete with socket
No. 462220

Plastic Insert Bung

Plastic Insert Bung Inexpensive PVC plastic insert bung commonly used on Mirror dinghies etc.
No. 371233 Insert Bung

Inflatable Boat Drain Socket & Bungs

Inflatable Boat Drain Socket & Bungs Inflatable boat socket complete with non return valve; fastened by two screws and has internal diameter of 37mm. Two bungs are available, one of the expanding type and the other is a simple rubber plug.
No. 151884 Drain Socket
No. 151883Rubber Plug
No. 151882 Expanding Bung

Drain Sockets & Expanding Bungs

Drain Sockets & Expanding Bungs Longer drain sockets with expanding drain bungs to suit. These sockets have an internal diameter of 24mm and can be simply cut shorter to suit the thickness of the hull, outboard splash wells etc. They are perfect for double skin boats, and come complete with fixing nuts.
No. 151881 Threaded Socket 150mm
No. 151879 Expanding Drain Bung to suit above.

Brass Drain Plug &Socket

Brass Drain Plug &Socket Expanding rubber bung with brass elbow lever. Fits our 25mm diameter tube below.
No. 112518 Bung
Brass Drain Tube. suits expanding bung above. Commonly used in boats of double skin construction.
No. 113303 Brass Drain Tube 25x73mm


Drain Bung

Drain BungThreaded drain bung with socket. Made of plastic. Drilling hole 22mm.


No. 151721