BULLOCH HARBOUR CRANE -- Conditions of Use

Dublin Port Company has appointed Western Marine Ltd to act on its behalf in operating the crane at Bulloch Harbour, Dalkey.

The crane is available for hire by members of the public.

The crane normally operates on Tuesdays and Fridays, during the hours of 9am to 5pm,with the times to be determined by the tide.  Click here for a provisional lift calendar. 

The charge per lift has been set by Dublin Port Company at 50.00 euro, inclusive of VAT, which is payable in advance, to Western Marine Ltd.

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance, with all details of the lift, including the gross weight to be lifted, the length and type of the boat, the purpose of the lift (eg launching
or lifting out of the water), as well as any other relevant information, details of unusual characteristics of the boat etc, to be given at the time of booking.

You will be required to sign an indemnity form, indemnifying both Dublin Port Company and Western Marine Ltd against all claims in relation to the booking and the lift itself.

You will also be required to sign the Booking Form recording details of the lift, as given by you when making the booking.

Boat owners may appoint any responsible person to act on their behalf during the lift, but both the Booking Form and the Indemnity Form MUST be signed in person by the Boat Owner. 

Bookings are normally made for 30 minute blocks of time.

If you think your lift might require more than 30 minutes, please make this clear when making the booking. An additional charge may apply to lifts which take longer than 30 minutes.

All lifts must take place on time. Late arrivals might not be lifted on the same day.You should be available to complete and sign the Indemnity Form and Booking Form
at least 15 minutes before the scheduled lift time. Boats must be in position under the crane at or before the appointed time.

Each lift will be controlled and managed by a trained Lift Supervisor.The Lift Supervisor will NOT be responsible for affixing slings to the boat, but will be thesole decision maker in selecting the location of the slings, based on the estimated centre
of gravity of the boat, as well as any other unusual structural characteristics of the boat as advised by you.

The Lift Supervisor alone will decide if and when the load is ready to be lifted.

You can make a booking either by phone, fax, or email.You will be given a booking reference number when a lift time has been allocated.

If you have not received the booking reference number at least 24 hours before the scheduled lift, please phone us immediately.

Neither Dublin Port Co. nor Western Marine Ltd accept any responsibilty whatsoever for any consequence arising from cancellation or postponement of any scheduled lift, irrespective of the cause of such cancellation or postponement. Neither Dublin Port Co. nor Western Marine Ltd accept any responsibilty whatsoever for anydamage or injury, howsoever caused, arising from the use of the crane.  

Please print and fill in both Indemnity & booking forms below and return to Western Marine by Fax or post

Click Here for Indemnity Form
Click Here for Booking Form
Click Here for provisional Crane Lift Canander